Books As First Dates Tag

We were tagged in this fun and romantic bookish tag by Alice over at Love For Words. Alice created this tag herself and we ADORE it. What’s better than a ‘first date’ with a good book? Especially if the book turn in to a series. It’s a one way street to a long-term reading commitment!

If you haven’t checked out Alice’s blog yet please do! One of our favourite posts of hers is a review on The Lunar Chronicles. It’s insightful, detailed and a fun read. Check it out!

The Rules

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A book/series you’ve read and enjoyed, but can’t bring yourself to read again

After falling in love with Urban YA Fantasy from reading City of Bones, the Vampire Academy series was the next up on my list of obsessions. Seriously, I remember flying through these books and eagerly awaiting the release of the final instalment in the series. That said, I tried to re-read these books last year and NOPE. I got one chapter in and promptly gave up! I think my reading tastes may have changed somewhat…


A book/series someone recommended to you that turned out to be different from what you had expected

I first read this after Nen recommended it and I was pleasantly surprised by how much I connected with the characters and enjoyed this story. I wasn’t expecting that as this was initially a book I had actively avoided. I tend to avoid Tolkien stories due to their complexity and frankly all of the hype surrounding them (I lived in NZ and there ALWAYS seemed to be a fan nearby extolling its virtues).


A book whose sequel you immediately had to read

If you’ve had the pleasure of reading a novel by Sarina Bowen you’ll understand why I NEEDED the sequel to Bittersweet IMMEDIATELY after having finished reading it. Griff and Audrey’s romance was oh, so sweet and I couldn’t wait to read more romances set in an apple orchard.


A book/series that should be adapted to the screen

Who wouldn’t want to watch this??!!??!!??


A book that made you go ahhhh and ohhhh.

Wait For It is my favourite Zapata novel (which is saying A LOT as she’s my fav romance author). There’s just something about the slow, realistic and intense relationship that builds up between Diana and Dallas. Seriously, I can’t even count how many times I’ve reread this story!


A book full of colors

I’m assuming this prompt means colours on the cover? I couldn’t think of a more colourful cover than this!


A book that was a rollercoaster

Did anyone else read the Uglies series when they were younger? This was a first for me in regards to reading dystopian and I was hooked! Not only did this deliver in action and pace (reminiscent of a rollercoaster), Uglies also made me think A LOT about society’s pressure of being aesthetically beautiful. It was an intense read as a teen!


A book whose food descriptions made you feel all *heart eyes*

Acevedo’s writing (and recipes) in this book were a foodie delight! While I preferred The Poet X over this story (and CANNOT WAIT for Clap When You Land), Emoni’s recipes certainly made this book mouthwateringly fun to read!


A book that taught you valuable stuff

The Secret Life of Bees was a novel I had to read for English class when I was in high school and it had a profound impact on my reading choices and understanding of the world. This was the first book I had read that truly made me think. Not just about the racial and prejudicial issues explored in the book but also about the small choices we make everyday and their effect on others. Be it positive or negative. This is a book I think everyone should read at least once.


Disney Parks Book Tag

I was tagged in this super cute tag last week by the wonderfully kind Brittany over at the Perfectly Tolerable blog. She claims to be only ‘perfectly tolerable’ and ‘average-ish’ but in reality she’s such a kind, supportive blogging friend that writes some amazing reviews. If you haven’t checked out her blog yet…. what are you waiting for?!

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The Questions:

I had a hard time coming up with a book for this one! All I could think of was the second instalment in the Dark Hunter series that follows Talon, the intelligent Dark Hunter that prefers to be elusive and lives near a swamp (they count as rivers right?). He even has a pet alligator!

I ADORED this sea-adventure. Poppy’s endless spirit and ability to cause mayhem was not only hilarious but endearing. Poor Captain Andrew had a lot to deal with when Poppy became a stow-away aboard his ship!

Told in verse, The Art of Taxidermy deals with some pretty gruesome (at least for me) themes of a child’s passion concerning the art of taxidermy. I mean… it’s great to have a passion but if my kid started bringing dead squirrels home to stuff them I’d be a little unnerved!

As one of my first space-set adventures, Illuminae had me completely hooked from the very first page to the last! It’s a shame the rest of the books in the series seemed quite repetitive but alas there’s nothing to do about that. At least the first book was brilliantly good!

I’m currently reading this book for next month’s book club and it’s set along the North Carolina coast. The book’s description of the natural environment so far has been nothing less than spell-binding.

While I didn’t enjoy this book very much, the castle of Emberfall played a prominent role in this book and it was the first one I could think of for this theme.

What more whimsy do you need than falling down the rabbit hole and embarking on a full-fledged adventure? My favourite was always the Cheshire Cat!

If anything, almost this entire story was about trekking through wilderness, plains, forests and mountains in search of help after having crash landed on a planet. While it’s not my favourite book from both of these authors it was still an enjoyable read.

While this story was a DNF for me, the strong latin culture and themes set within it make it suitable for this category. This is one of those books that I had such high hopes for. Unfortunately, the story never seemed to click for me.

Aurora Rising was a book I had to read as I’d fallen in love with the duo of Kaufman and Kristoff’s writing after having read Illuminae. This was a fast-paced adventurous story featuring kick-ass characters and a squad I’d love to join. Fin will always have my heart! I’m counting down the days until Aurora Burning (THREE) !!

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The Quick Fire Fantasy Tag

It’s been a LONG while since I’ve done a tag but I couldn’t resist doing this one first (despite the long list of ones I haven’t gotten to yet) as fantasy is a genre that’s close to my heart. YA fantasy (City of Bones to be specific) was the reason I became so interested in reading when I was younger and it’s been non-stop ever since!

I was tagged by the wonderfully kind Siren over at Sweaters and Raindrops. If you haven’t checked out her blog yet… what are you waiting for???

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Scythe, well the whole Arc of a Scythe series really, is one of those books thats just so damn good. I couldn’t put it down and there’s no doubt in my mind that it was a 5-Star read. If you’re interested in something intense and unique then this is the book for you. My full review can be found here.


This book… this book. It’s one of those that I’ll remember for the rest of my life. It’s not buried deep in my memory amidst the hundreds of other fantasy/ sci-fi stories I’ve read. Nope. This sits near the top of the vault. It’s such an emotional journey that I couldn’t forget this even if I tried. I haven’t read any other books by Becky Chambers yet but it’s something I should fix ASAP!


I’ve read so, so many positive reviews about this book (as well as Laini Taylor’s writing) but unfortunately this one just didn’t work out well for me the first time around. The writing was deeply rich and too much for my mood at the time. I’m hoping to finish this someday soon as the hype didn’t lie about the writing style. It’s enthralling and beautiful. Fingers crossed for take two!


As I mentioned above, City of Bones was the start of ALL THIS. Of reading. Of my utter love and adoration for books, words and authors. It was my first foray in to the mystical and wonderful world of YA fantasy and for that reason is one that will always be on my reread list. It’s sentimental and so dear to my heart.


The marvellous world of Tortall was entrancing when I was younger. I’d started off with Urban Fantasy but Tamora Pierce’s world was my first experience of being utterly immersed in a new world. It’s one that I cherish and come back to every few years. Plus, the strong kick-ass female characters in her quartets make these books ones that I’ll always recommend.


The Mercy Thompson series was such a high point for me last year. I had been putting off reading this series for years (I know… sometimes I really disappoint myself too) and I’m so glad I finally decided to give it a try. Not only is she strong, independent and fun this book showed me that I enjoy fantasy aimed at adults as opposed to just YA.

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