Top 5 Sat: Second Chance Reads

Hey all!

I hope you’re all enjoying the start of your weekend. The topic for this week’s Top 5 Sat meme, created by the lovely Mandy over at Devouring Books, is: Book’s I’d Give a Second Chance.

There have been quite a few books that I’ve put down or DNFd this year and I think some of those probably deserve a second chance. Here are the top five I’ve got my eye on trying again:

Carry On by Rainbow Rowell – I’ve tried twice to read this story, so perhaps this would be more fitting for a third-time’s-the-charm list, but somehow I still haven’t gotten in to this story. There’s just something about Simon’s narration that bugs me. As well as the fact that the story starts off as if it were in the middle of the book… I just tend to lose interest.

All the Bad Apples by Moira Fowley-Doyle – I picked up this book a LONG while ago, maybe a year or so, when it was recently released and relatively hyped. I read SO MANY good reviews about it and was excited to try it myself… until I got bored. My patience these days for pushing through awkward starts to books has become very short, sadly. It’s a bad habit I’ve picked up!

Say You Still Love Me by K.A. Tucker – I ADORE Tucker’s writing usually, especially A Simple Wild, but unfortunately this book just didn’t work for me the first time around. I DNFd at around 30% after the second-chance romance trope got a bit too angsty for me. I was expecting more, too much??, perhaps and this one just didn’t capture my interest for long enough. I don’t think I gave it a proper try though.

Queen of Air and Darkness by Cassandra Clare – has made this list because I initially started reading this book soon after its release – I had been highly anticipating it – however I soon realised I had forgotten important details of the story and would need to reread the first two books again…. and that’s when I gave up. Those books were long but so, so good. It’s worth the reread to finish off the trilogy. Now I just need to find the right motivation!

Bitterblue by Kristin Cashore – If you’ve been reading my blog posts over the past year you’ll know I ADORED Graceling. To the extent that it’s in my all-time faves list. But… I couldn’t seem to finish off the final book in the high fantasy series. Perhaps I’ve changed over time? Or maybe Bitterblue just wasn’t for me? Either way I hadn’t been expecting to DNF this book less than half way through. My eternal love for Graceling demands I give this one a second try though!

13 thoughts on “Top 5 Sat: Second Chance Reads

  1. Ooh, quite a few of these are on my TBR and while they’re not at the top of my list I’ve been looking forward to reading them. Especially Tucker’s book even though I have heard tons of mixed reviews for that one specifically. I think I’ll probably feel the same way as you about Queen of Air and Darkness… I’ve forgotten so much and I think I definitely want to re-read the first two before this (but when 😭)! Great list, Jen! If you give any of these another chance, I hope it’s more successful!


  2. If you love audiobooks, you need to try to listen to Carry On, the narration adds so much to the book. The britishness comes to play, and the sarcastic way Baz is thinking about Simon. LOVE it 😀 And I must admit I enjoyed the YA part of Say You Still Love Me more than the present part. Also, it’s definitely not on par with The Simple Wild.


  3. I adored Graceling too. But havent continued the rest of the series bc I heard it wasn’t about the same characters. I also have lost patience for slow beginnings and I wind up setting aside many books! I do want to try All the Bad Apples as well!!


  4. I really loved Carry On but I get it–sometimes a book just doesn’t do it for you for whatever reason–it happens! Hopefully if you try it again you’ll enjoy it. 🙂


  5. You’re so forgiving to give books you abandoned another try! I adored Carry On – have you read Fangirl? By the time I’d finished Fangirl, I felt I already was half-way through a Simon Snow novel, so didn’t really notice the abrupt opening, but do get that it could feel jarring. And Bitterblue was my favourite of the Graceling series (of which BOOK FOUR is coming out in January!!!) I found it quirky, endearing, and I was fascinated by Cashore’s ability to write a story with a villain who had died before the book even began. Hope you love these books more the second/third time around 🙂


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