Her Cowboy Prince by Madeline Ash – ARC Book Review

Title: Her Cowboy Prince (Cowboy Princes #2)
Author: Madeline Ash
Genre: Royalty Romance
Publication Date: 3rd June 2020


Meet the cowboy royal who will never be tamed—and the best friend sworn to protect him.

Kris Jaroka didn’t sign up for this. He and his triplet brothers were uprooted from their ranch to inherit the throne of Kiraly. His duties keep escalating, and no amount of shirking his guards can stop the gut-ache of leaving his best friend, Frankie, behind.

But his biggest challenge lies ahead.

For years, Frankie Cowan has secretly monitored the safety of Kris and his brothers. When Kris’s recklessness forces her to reveal herself as the head of palace security, her duty to protect him and his refusal to be tamed meet head on.

Bound together, their lies and hurt soon surrender to their chemistry, and Kris burns to offer her his future. But Frankie’s past isn’t fit for a cowboy, let alone a prince—proving that the person she most needs to protect him from is herself.

Oh man, this is one of the books I was highly anticipating this year and it was SO WORTH THE WAIT. Get prepared for a nonsensical review because I utterly adored this one!

From the first book in this series, Her Cowboy King, we met the characters Kris (one of three heart- breakingly handsome and quirky cowboys) and his best friend Frankie (a kick-ass female with a strong independent streak). Their romantic tension, while still being in the friend-zone, had me highly anticipating this book. I love a good friends-to-lovers romance and Madeline Ash certainly has a fab way of writing it!

While there was some investigative suspense in this story, about the ‘accident’ that resulted in the previous monarch’s death, it read as mainly a character-driven story. Told in alternative third person POV chapters, I was easily pulled in and immersed in the sexual tension that surrounds Kris and Frankie. These two were practically burning up and NOTHING HAD HAPPENED YET. It was a slow-burn wait until the end. Which for me is the best kind.

The setting was beautiful and all I wanted was to move to Kiraly so that I could proudly wear flannel and a cowboy hat in support of these brothers. Their triplet connection was one of the best parts of this story and came across as strong as it did in the first book. What made it special though was the willingness of the author to give each of these characters realistically flawed personalities. They were charming but not always sickly-sweet charming. Which is the downfall of some other romances I’ve read lately.

I’ve given this story 4.5 stars due to the fact that: a) I could not put it down and lost most of my night’s sleep reading this baby, b) the slow-burn build-up between Kris and Frankie is one of the best I’ve read yet and lastly c) who can resist falling in love with a cowboy prince??

This story is unique and I’m glad the author wasn’t shy to go against the grain and write a story with COWBOY PRINCES that felt REAL and POSSIBLE. The only thing I would have wanted to be different was the suspense aspect of this story. It was a bit predictable and I wished that there had been more exploration of the ‘bad guy’s’ reasoning for his actions. It was subtly hinted at but not fully explored, although this could just be to lead up to a full exploration of it in book 3.

4.5 Stars.

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