Regretting You by Colleen Hoover – Book Review

Title: Regretting You
Author: Colleen Hoover
Genre: Romance
Publication Date: 10 Dec 2019


This was my first book by Colleen Hoover and won’t be my last (maybe? possibly?). Hoover’s writing has been praised by ‘all to Kingdom come’ for its originality and emotional impact in the YA/adult romance genres. I have to admit, the hype made me VERY skeptical but after reading Regretting You I have to admit there’s some merit there.

Regretting You kept me interested throughout as a host of family secrets unraveled to reveal life-altering betrayals. The story initially follows Morgan as a young seventeen year-old girl in the summer after she graduates high school. Her long-term boyfriend, Chris, was present throughout the summer alongside the remainder of their best friends quartet: Jonah (Chris’ BFF since childhood) and Morgan’s younger sister Jenny. When Morgan finds out she’s pregnant with Chris’ child, their world changes to an unrecognisable extent.

What truly captured my attention near the beginning of the book, and held it right through to the end, was CoHo’s choice to alternate POV from Morgan and her daughter Clara. Essentially, this was a book that explored love between a mother and daughter as well as their romantic relationships with others. While some of the actions of both characters had me INCREDIBLY FRUSTRATED this choice for alternating POV worked seamlessly.

Themes of grief, love, betrayal and second chances were intertwined to create a story that cuts to the heart of the matter and doesn’t fall prey to placating the reader with happiness through to the end. Instead, in the middle of the book I was SO ANGRY, FRUSTRATED and SAD. These emotions stemmed from my dislike of BOTH the characters due to their actions toward one another. Morgan and Clara COULD NOT GET ALONG and yet… this is reality isn’t it? Things are hard. Words are said that cut deep. White lies are told in the futile hope of protecting others.

It would have been easy to give this book 2 stars. It made me SO MAD and FRUSTRATED and yet… I couldn’t do that to CoHo. It was REAL and sometimes real is annoying and ugly and heart breaking. Sometimes teenagers are ASSHOLES and their characters should reflect that too. It was a love-hate (OMG this is GOOD) relationship between me and this book.

It was real. It was oftentimes ANNOYING. But it was real. For that alone I’ll give this book 4 stars. When you add in the characters of Jonah and Miller (the romantic SOs) this story gets bumped up to a 4.5 stars. I’ve refrained from the golden 5 Star rating as there were a few (admittedly small) issues the book should have dealt with better. I’m not going to say what they were (spoilers etc) but it was toward the end and some events/revelations felt like they were glanced over.

BUT… (there’s always a but)

I don’t know if I want to read any more books by this author. It was an emotional rollercoaster that was tiring to read (in terms of the emotional impact it had on me). If anything this is an outstanding compliment to CoHo’s writing ability.

Also… what if the other books are the same. I loved this one and if it turns out the other books are cookie cutter versions of this (as some authors inherently do this) I’d be so disappointed and this book would lose all of it’s shine.

Have you read any other CoHo books? Are they all the same as this one?

16 thoughts on “Regretting You by Colleen Hoover – Book Review

  1. Great review 🙂
    I read a ton of Colleen’s book and let me tell you that they are all on the heavier emotional side. I don’t think there was a book where I didn’t cry.
    Wait, “It ends with us” maybe. The story was so deep & good,-but I didn’t cry.
    “Maybe someday” has A LOT of emotional conflict. I didn’t cry but it left me insane & frustrated. So……it really depends on your reading mood 😀


  2. I have read all CoHo books and I’m telling you you need need to read It Ends With Us!!! If you think this was an emotional rollercoaster, I don’t know what you will make of this one! 😂😂 I loved Regretting You but it is not my fav. I liked It Ends With Us and November 9 more.


  3. Great review, Jen! I honestly don’t know why but I haven’t been pulled to read this book at all. I have read a few CoHo and she definitely cuts deep to the emotional matters and the brutal not-always-happy-realities but for some reason something about this book doesn’t appeal to me. That said, after reading your review I’m thinking about reconsidering this decision 🤣 I don’t know if I’m ready for the angst and the emotional journey this book will send me on though haha


  4. Great review! I’m glad you enjoyed this one. I, unfortunately, wasn’t a fan of this one and I haven’t checked out her other books but I do see the appeal for her books.


  5. Great review Jen. I haven’t read a Colleen Hoover Book in a while. I kind of stay away feom her books because they always mmade ny heart ache. Even cry at times. I read Ugly Love and Confession.


  6. I have such mixed feelings on Colleen Hoover. I HATED November 9. It’s the absolute epitome of abuse being romanticized. He does something so unforgiveable to her, leaves her disfigured for life….and Colleen Hoover just brushes it off like, “Yeah, but he said she was pretty, so…”
    Then there’s slammed, which I will NEVER read. The fact that it’s a student/teacher romance is enough to make me hate it. That’s not okay. That guy needs his teaching license revoked asap.
    But then there’s It Ends with Us, which is absolutely one of the most beautiful and original stories I have ever read. I gave that book 5 stars on goodreads. I’m so obsessed with it.
    Colleen Hoover is a great writer. It’s just…sometimes the stories she chooses to tell are really fucked and send terrible messages.


  7. You picked a good one to start reading CoHo, Jen💜 I had the same love/hate relationship with it that made me love it in the end. And, no, her books are in no way cookie cutter. I never know what she’s going to do to me anytime I start one of them. Check out my blog (search on Hoover) for some of my reviews. I think they’re all there.


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