Top Ten Tuesday – Reasons Why I Love Middle Grade Books

It’s TOP TEN TUESDAY TIME. As ever, I’m so thankful to Jana over at That Artsy Reader Girl for this delightful meme and topic this week.

Middle grade has been my go-to reading over the past month (with a dash of romantic fiction added in there). In a time when anxiety is high (mine is from currently moving house which is a CHORE) middle grade books allow me the perfect, calming escape (REASON #1).


The lack of romance. Yes, I know. I actually said (or is it technically typed?) that. I’ll be the first to admit I’m a die hard rom-com fan but occasionally it’s nice to have a genre that isn’t focused on squeezing in romantic plots in the background (or as the WHOLE plot, as is the case in romance). That’s not to say there aren’t MG books with romance but it’s less common I find.


The friendships! It’s so sweet to read about a band of misfit BFFs taking on the Wicked Witch of the West [or insert alternative villain here]. The wholesome innocence of it is beautiful, especially in contrast to my current living situation which means FRIENDS ARE SO FAR AWAY. It makes me melancholy and eager to see them again!


The fantasy kicks ass. Not quite literally (although I’m sure there’s at least one example of this somewhere…) but in the sense that there ARE NO RULES. Their creativity and imagination is sometimes far more vivid than YA or adult fantasy: genres that tend to lean toward ‘the realm of possibility’ with their fantastical ideas. Whereas some MG fantasy books just GO BANANAS in terms of realism and flying pigs go by in the next chapter. Who doesn’t want a healthy does of whimsy like this in their life?


They’re shorter. There are times when I want to sit down to a beastly tomb and spend 15 hours of my life compelled by the pages (Kingdom of Ash)… and then there are times when I want to sit on the couch, be lazy, pick up a book and finish it before I feel the urge to get back up again. MG novels tend to be at least 100 pages shorter than your average adult novel and this can come in handy when you’re in the mood for a quick escape.


PICTURES. Okay, so MG books don’t actually have pictures in them but the COVERS are SO CUTE majority of the time. If you don’t believe me check out these MG books below. Who could resist picking these up off the shelf???!! Yes, they’re all mermaid related. Because mermaids are cool like that.


ARCs. My luck with MG ARCs is generally far better than with YA or adult novels. Maybe it’s just me? I could be overly critical of YA and adult books and lenient on MG? Regardless of the reason, my track record with higher star ratings and enjoyment is definitely higher in MG than in any other genre. They’re just so FEEL GOOD. I can’t help but be happy and give a happiness-induced high rating!


The series DON’T LET YOU DOWN. At least in Rick Riordan’s case. And isn’t he kinda the King of Greek myth fantasy for MG? I feel like he is (in my completely biased opinion due to a love of Percy J). I’ve had some bad luck lately with bad sequels and endings to series (looking at you Neal Shusterman…) and having a genre where the sequel is generally as good as the first is a win-win in my book!


They cover some deep topics. With a host of books in MG being dedicated to the fantastic there isn’t often a highlight on the OTHER books for this age group. One of my favourite topics, quite often covered, is that of immigrating as a child and adjusting to a new culture. This is something I experienced as a child and being able to relate to characters going through the same thing gets me all teared up! It’s such a hard thing to handle when you’re young (especially if you’re the kid with the weird accent) and these books tackle the subject so well. I wish I’d had them as a child so that I could have read and related to this back then. It would have certainly helped with the discomfort of being ‘The New Girl’ in a very strange new school.


THEY’RE ADDICTIVELY FUN AND FUNNY. I’ll admit that I can be quite the staid reader. You’d probably think I looked dead bored if you chanced a peek at me reading (when in reality I’m so engrossed that my awareness of the surroundings just disappears). Like resting b*tch face, my resting reading face leaves a lot to be desired. That’s why MG is so fun to read. I genuinely find myself laughing out loud and talking to my invisible neighbour (I’m calling him George for the time being) about how amazing/brilliant/funny/ [insert adjective here] the characters are.

12 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Reasons Why I Love Middle Grade Books

  1. The friendships, the adventure and that feeling of warmth and coziness when reading MG are the best things in the entire world! I’m kinda considering to start Percy Jackson series again in preparation for the TV show… Lol


  2. These are all awesome reasons!! I so agree about the more whimsical magic systems, and the friendships are all so lovely in MG books, I want to hug them all! Even though they may tackle difficult topics, I think most MG books do it in a hopeful way which is so important even for older readers – if we lose hope then we’re pretty much doomed.


  3. My list is about Middlegrade as well. I just love those books so much. ❤ I totally agree in every point with you (well, besides the arc thing, because I just never seem to get any arcs and I actually haven't found too many that interest me on netgalley but maybe that's just because I look at the UK ones).
    This was so much fun to read! 😀


  4. Haha you give such great reasons here! I love that you mention that they don’t let you down because it’s so true—especially in the case of Percy Jackson!!


  5. I love your list and everything is so true! Friendships and no romances are definitely why I read them.


  6. This is a great list!
    Especially reasons #1, #4 and #5 are why I find myself turning increasingly more toward books aimed at younger readers. Light and whimsical books that don’t take themselves too seriously is exactly what I need lately.


  7. Love this post and totally agree with so many of the points that you listed! I also find that it’s easier for me to get MG ARCs and I’m glad because I find that I really do enjoy them. I’ve been seeing Percy everywhere lately with the news about the adaptation but I’ve never read them and now I’m very curious and wondering if I should pick it up 😂 I also love the wholesomeness of the relationships/friendships in MG. It’s so heartwarming and pure! Great take on the topic 🙂


  8. I don’t read a ton of middle grade these days but every once in a while will jump into one for all the reasons you outlined here. Also I feel like MG is making a huge resurgence in the last few years–I’ve seen more adult book bloggers reading and reviewing MG than ever before.


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