Hexes and O’s by Lisa Wells – eARC Book Review #IndieAuthor

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Genre: Paranormal Romance

When down-on-her-luck costume designer Remington Smith receives a surprise inheritance, she must return to the town she swore to forget. And complete a list of mandatory projects. And learn to cast magic spells. Magic spells? Too bad the hunky guy next door keeps getting in the way.

After a tornado ravages a small town, Jason Hart purchases ninety percent of the property as a cooperate training ground for Think Tank Innovations. But his first renovation crew quits. Then another. And another. They all say ghosts are running amok—and the whole town is hexed with an anti-love spell. Except Jason doesn’t believe in ghosts or (anti) love spells. And given how drawn he is to his spunky new neighbor, that doesn’t seem likely to change anytime soon.

Lisa Well’s paranormal romance, Hexes and O’s initially caught my attention with the title. It reminded me of that song… Ex’s and Ohs by Elle King which I used to love. After that, I had to see what the story was all about!

The story beneath the catchy title was just as appealing. Wells’ ability to write laugh out loud, quirky characters was the first thing I truly loved about her writing. It’s not often I react so strongly to dry humour in a book but this one had the right amount.

Remington and Jason’s relationship as neighbours was rife with mutual attraction, misunderstandings, banter and the appeal of forbidden relations. The rule set by Remington’s dead best friend, Beth, had them both promising to stay away from each other despite their strong attraction. While this might have been a tedious aspect to read about due to Beth’s manipulation, the context behind Beth’s decision (which we were privy to as readers) made sense. I couldn’t help my desire their HEA though!

The inclusion of multiple paranormal aspects in this story was one of my favourite parts of it. There was magic, ghosts, hexes and a spell backfire of a meowing dog! I love a good mystical, magic romance and this one delivered on all fronts. Beth was the perfect kooky side kick with memory issues and Remington had a stubborn, kind nature that appealed to me as a reader. Jason annoyed me at times as a character but the level of manipulation placed on him made his choices more bearable to read and understand.

There was a surprisingly plot twist that added a dash of crime/mystery to this story that was developed quite well but overall felt slightly unnecessary. I would have preferred to just read about Remington’s to-do list and forbidden attraction as opposed to deeper topics and for that have reduced what would have been a 4-star to a 3-star. Others may enjoy such a twist though!

If you’re after something fun, non-angsty and hilarious then this is the story for you!


12 thoughts on “Hexes and O’s by Lisa Wells – eARC Book Review #IndieAuthor

    • Yeah this one was surprisingly fun, Sarah 😀 I think perhaps its the increase in romance reading this time of year and they quite often have a rom-com vibe. I love humour in books though, especially ones with darker themes in them.

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    • Thanks Yesha 🙂 I was quite surprised by how much I enjoyed it. There were a few things I wish had been different though. I’m still going to try more books by Lisa Wells in the future though!

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  1. Ooh, I love that Elle Kennedy song and that’s what I thought of when I read this title too 😂 I’ve been intrigued by this since you first mentioned it on your blog and now I can’t wait to give it a try. Great review!

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    • YES, I’m glad it’s not just me that thought of the song haha. It was a surprisingly funny and cute read. I hope you enjoy it if you decide to give it a try sometime 🙂 Thanks Dini!


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