Top Ten Tuesday – Romance Authors we Love

Hey all!

Welcome to another Tuesday and with it our take on this week’s topic! This meme was created by the lovely Jana over at That Artsy Reader Girl and is one of our favourite to do each week! This week’s topic is: Love Freebie.

Since we did a love theme last week, we’ve decided to stretch this freebie out to include our favourite romance authors. I mean… it’s all about love this week right and you couldn’t get us more excited than with these authors’ books!

Here they are:

Mariana Zapata

Penny Reid

Tessa Bailey

Lisa Kleypas

Emma Chase

Madeline Ash

Sarina Bowen

Susan Elizabeth Philips

Lucy Score

Helen Hoang

// who are your favourite romance authors? are any of them listed above? //


16 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Romance Authors we Love

    • Ooh there are a few on here I don’t know and haven’t tried… basically everyone but the first two 😂 you’ve given me so many new author recommendations! Thank you for that 😄 any books in particular from them you’d recommend?


  1. Yaas girl, this list gives me life! Obviously Zapata has to be on here and Hoang as well! I’m excited to give Tessa Bailey a try because I still haven’t read her books (and I don’t know why lol)! I think I also need to give the Winston Brothers another try coz I only read the one but I loved it 😀 Will check out some of these others too coz y’know I can’t resist a romance! Great list, Jen!

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    • I have to admit the romance love in Feb has me so happy as a reader! I’m always in the mood for a HEA 😍 Tessa Bailey is a recent discovery for me (as opposed to some of the others on this list which have been there for YEARS) and has quite a dynamic writing style between books. I hope you enjoy her writing! Penny Reid is an all-time fav. The Winston Brothers are great! I’d honestly love a TV show with them… I can just imagine Hunnam, Dornan and Gyllenhaal being great in it (can you tell I’ve thought extensively about this? 😂). I hope you enjoy the ones you decide to try Dini!

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  2. I’m embarrassed to say I haven’t read any of these- I usually stay away from contemporary romance? Although I have grabbed a few Kindle freebies here and there. I have a friend who loves the Penny Reid novels though. I’ve been seeing them around a lot lately!

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  3. Wow, I’ve somehow only heard of three or four of these despite reading a lot of romance! I tend to read a lot of historicals so I love Courtney Milan, Lisa Kleypas, Sarah MacLean, KJ Charles, Tessa Dare, Rose Lerner, Cat Sebastian and Quenby Olson. I’m also a huge fan of Alyssa Cole–everything from historical to contemporary to scifi. For contemporary I am really loving Lucy Parker and Talia Hibbert and also recently enjoyed books by Jackie Lau, Jen DeLuca and Rebekah Weatherspoon. So many great authors out there even though I’m being slightly more picky about my romance choices now days.

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    • Ooh I love historical romance as well! I haven’t tried Rose Lerner, Cat Sebastian and Quenby Olson and KJ Charles though! I’m going to look in to them and add to my TBR list 😀 I can be quite picky about the romance authors I read as well… some just have too much angst for me 😛 Thanks for the comment Lisa!

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      • I don’t mind a little angst but when there’s drama for the sake of drama and the characters aren’t acting consistently to the way they’ve been presented JUST to create drama, it gets old real fast lol


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