Misadventures in the Cage by Sarah Robinson – eARC Review #BlogTour

I was so excited to be asked to join the Misadventures in the Cage blog tour – purely for the fact that I had been intending on reading this book anyway and this was a prime opportunity to give it a try. In all honesty, I’m glad I did. Not just a sports romance (although… I’d have been happy even if it was your cliched sports romance ❤ ) this book took a deeper look at those most affected by demanding sports players: their family. It was a perspective and insight I enjoyed reading about and made this book so much more than what I had been initially expecting.

Misadventures in the Cage

by Sarah Robinson
Publisher: Waterhouse Press LLC
Release Date: February 4, 2020
Genre: Contemporary Romance

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Callan Walsh kicks ass. In fact, he’s famous for it. As one of the brightest up-and-coming stars on the MMA scene, he’s an absolute beast in the cage…and out. Everything he’s trained for has brought him to this moment. Going toe-to-toe with reigning champ Xavier Gray will make or break his career. 

Nothing can distract him from his lifelong goal. Nothing. Until he meets…his opponent’s little sister.

Josie Gray is hell on wheels, gorgeous AF, and has a mouth that doesn’t stop. The reluctant reality-television star is every man’s dream, but she’s about to become Callan’s nightmare. Tired of being in her brother’s fight-club entourage, Josie desperately desires her own life out of the limelight. Her loyalty to family keeps her tangled in faux fame, but what she feels for Callan is the realest thing she’s ever known.

Sparks fly when Callan comes to Josie’s rescue, leading to an all-consuming fire after a single night together. Forever is right at their fingertips, if only everything—and everyone—wasn’t working to keep them apart. Will Callan and Josie fight through family ties to come out on top? Or are they both caged into lives they never wanted?

Never expecting to make a career of it, a freelancing Craigslist job accidentally introduced her to the world of book publishing. Lengthening her writing from poetry to novels, Robinson published her first book through a small press publisher, before moving into self-publishing, and then finally was picked up by Penguin Random House two years later.

She most recently contracted with Loveswept for a contemporary romance series, KAVANAGH LEGENDS, that surrounds a tight-knit Irish family of MMA fighters in the Bronx. She is also exploring the arena of women’s fiction and has a lot of exciting things planned for the next few years!

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Things to note: bullying, very graphic sexual content, violence (contact sport).

A quick, steamy and ultimately satisfying read, Misadventures in the Cage delivered on all the aspects I had been expecting and so much more. With an easy-to-relate-to cast, family dynamics and the forbidden love trope there’s something for everyone in this romance, regardless of your affinity for sports romances.

To be honest, the sport trope almost felt like a backdrop more than anything else in this book and I was okay with that. The development and insight we were provided in to the characters, as well as the influence of the MMA sport in their lives, provided just enough of its presence to satisfy those after the sports trope and yet the lack of total inclusion of it in the plot of the story would make this a suitable read for those not inclined to the genre.

The development of characters seemed to be the crux of this story. Very much a character-driven narrative of the unlikely pairing between Callan and Josie, it gained my attention and kept it to the very last page. This is a quick read but full of quality writing that delivers on pace, setting and character arcs. The explosive attraction between Callan and Josie was almost tangible from the first chapter and this did not let up throughout the story. Despite the forbidden nature of their ‘relationship’ you couldn’t help but hope they’d manage to overcome the obstacles (namely: Josie’s brother) standing in their way.

I have to admit, the bullying Josie’s family subtly but consistently dealt her made me quick to anger and often left me needing to put the book down. This is my personal reaction to the situations though – by no means was the family dynamic overdramatised for impact. Despite this small issue, I thoroughly enjoyed this book and am looking forward to reading more by this author in the future!

Arc provided by author in exchange for an honest review.


5 thoughts on “Misadventures in the Cage by Sarah Robinson – eARC Review #BlogTour

  1. Ooh yes, I’m liking the sound of this book! I love the sound of the characters and their chemistry sounds like it’ll be off the chart 😍 Glad to hear that you enjoyed this one despite the sports trope not being the main focus! Great review, Jen 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • HAHA you’re def right about the chemistry being pretty high in this book! I’m surprised I enjoyed it as much as I did considering I was expecting there to be a lot more of the ‘sports romance’ side to it. Thanks Dini 🙂


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