Readathon #LetsReadIndie 2020

As an avid reader, I’ve always enjoyed Indie Authors and books. They make up at least 30% of my books read each year and I was so excited when I saw this readathon hosted by As Told By Tina and knew I had to jump on board!

I’ve decided to attempt to get to PRO STATUS, which is 20-29 books but I’m definitely not holding myself to that. If I end up reading more or less it’s not a stress. My goal for this readathon is to give more Indie authors and books a go. I’m quite often surprised by the result!

Some Indie Books I have in mind for the start of the year…

If you’d like to explore Indie Authored ARC reads, check out Book Sirens and Library Thing. They have extensive selections of indie books and are easy and free to join!


14 thoughts on “Readathon #LetsReadIndie 2020

  1. I also want to read more Indie books this year. it’s one of my minor reading goals for 2020. Minor because I’ve already been doing it for years but I’ll definitely check out Book Siren and Library Thing. Good luck on this challenge.

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    • I’m glad you enjoy reading indie books too Lili! They can be surprisingly good and I love that there are so many opportunities to support them. I hope you enjoy Book Sirens and Library Thing. Thanks πŸ™‚ Jen

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    • Thanks Jenna! I actually really enjoy indie authors and books. There are some surprisingly good ones that go mostly unnoticed. It’s a great way to support up and coming writers πŸ™‚

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  2. This sounds like a pretty fun challenge πŸ™‚ I don’t know that I read a lot of indie authors but it’s an awesome goal to work towards, I think! Unsurprisingly I haven’t heard of any of these books but Hexes and O’s sounds really cute πŸ˜‚ I hope you enjoy all of these!

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    • I know right, Hexes and O’s reminded me of that song Ex’s and O’s. The book so far has been hilarious and super cute! I’m glad I decided to give it a try! Thanks Dini πŸ™‚


  3. This looks like a fun challenge, good luck with it! I read a surprising amount of indies last year all things considered, so it’s definitely doable, even more so if you’re actually aiming for it. πŸ™‚

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  4. I hope you enjoy digging into some Indie Authors this year! If you are looking for a new fantasy, adventure, kick ass female lead book to read, I got one ready for you my dear!! Can’t wait to hear what you think about these books you are reading. I hope you post all your reviews πŸ™‚


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