Spotlight Saturday: Blog Posts We Loved this Week

Hi all,

Welcome to the end of another beautiful blogging week! We love reading fellow bloggers’ posts and have been thinking about creating a weekly post to spotlight, share and showcase some exceptionally written and creative posts from other bloggers. We’ve decided to create a weekly meme in which we do just that and encourage others to do the same. Let’s share the blogging love!

If you’d like to join us in this, please:
  • Link back to this blog
  • Share 3 posts (or as many as you want) that you’ve enjoyed reading over the past week
  • Recognise blogs by linking to their creators
  • Feel free to use the graphics!

BLOGGER: Willow from Willow Writes and Reads

Big Little Lies Discussion Questions (Contains Spoilers)

After blogging for a while now, I’ve begun to notice some trends in the way reviews are written. Willow breaks the mould though and really caught my attention with her review of Liane Moriarty’s terrific book, Big Little Lies, this week. Formatting her review with the use of discussion questions created a fresh new-take on a review and was really interesting to read. I’ve loved and praised on this book so much over the years and yet there were still aspects of it discussed in Willow’s review that I hadn’t considered before. This is definitely a format and review to check out!

BLOGGER: Evelyn from Evelyn Reads

Let’s Talk Bookish – Review Every Book?

Do you review every book that you read? This question immediately caught my attention and made me want to read Evelyn’s take on the topic. I personally don’t review every book and that’s mainly because I usually read A LOT and can’t be bothered or I LOVED a book too much to be able to convincingly and coherently explain why. Evelyn brings up some really interesting points on the topic and if you’re like me and intrigued by the title, I’d suggest you check this one out too!

BLOGGER: Jonetta from Blue Mood Cafe

The Positivity Wave #25

Jonetta’s positivity posts are one of the highlights of my week. They’re a great little respite from being overloaded by bookish posts (I lie… you can never have too many bookish posts!) and brighten my day. Who doesn’t want to hear about the positive things that have happened in someone else’s life that week? For the most part, they remind me of how sometimes it’s the small, surprising events that can change our mindset and attitude for the day. I love reading them and I hope you will too!


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