Friday Favourites – Character Team Ups

Hi all!

Welcome to Friday Favourites, a post based on the original meme started by Something of the Book! This week’s topic is Favourite Character Team Ups. To be honest, when I first read the topic my mind went straight to films and superheroes, but I’ve tried my best to rein it in and stick with the teams we like to see most in our books. 

This list had the potential to go on for days!

Team Chosen One

While I’m not usually a huge fan of the ‘chosen one’ trope, I have to admit that my favourite stories have made good use of it – and that’s mainly because of the supporting characters. Whether it’s Frodo or Harry Potter, there’s no denying that the chosen one never makes it far without their trusty side-kicks. It could be a complementary skill-set, or the voice of reason in tough times, but the supporting characters almost always make up for the hero’s short-comings…and most of the time, they also end up becoming our favourite characters! 

Every man for himself

When I read Catching Fire years ago, I remember thinking that I would absolutely not be able to trust my ‘allies’ in Katniss’ situation – nope, no way. Having a group of (almost) strangers come together, each with a different motive, is a recipe for disaster. But it does make for a fun and suspenseful read if they’re all working toward a common goal. In this case, it was keeping Katniss alive…lucky gal! But there’s never a dull moment when your favourite character’s life is in the hands of a stranger. 

Opposites attract

We can all name at least one partnership off the top of our heads that’s made up of opposites – whether it’s in personality (The Sun is Also a Star) or physicality (Luna and the Lie). One of the more notable partnerships we can think of is between Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes and Dr John Watson. Jen and I absolutely adore the dynamic between the compassionate and moral John, and the apathetic and antisocial Sherlock. Regardless of the genre, this is the kind of relationship that has us hooked no matter what! 

The enemy of my enemy

Two stubborn idiots begrudgingly forming a friendship is what I live for (clearly I’m looking forward to The Falcon and The Winter Soldier series), and I know Jen loves a good enemies-to-lovers romance – Sally Thorne’s The Hating Game comes to mind. But one thing we both agree on is that nothing beats heroes and villains joining forces against a common enemy. The motivations are all over the place, and the characters are far from friendly, but it’s one of the most realistic and entertaining relationships you can read about! 

…and I just love villains, sue me!

//What’s your favourite Team Up? Are there any you don’t like?//


12 thoughts on “Friday Favourites – Character Team Ups

  1. Ooh, these are good ones. I’m tempted to go team Opposites Attract, but the camaraderie in those pictures of the Fellowship of the Ring and the golden trio give me warm, fuzzy feelings. I love steadfast, dependable friends–both in fiction and real life!


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