Reading Slumps: the good, the bad and the steps to get your groove back!

As I’m sure you’ll know, reading slumps can be a headache for book bloggers. The lack of interest in reading soon dries up your new review material and means that stress can become a factor of your reading life and overall enjoyment of the blogging experience. This wasn’t something I had ever encountered before, until last week.

In the past, a reading slump would have simply meant I’d exhausted my fill of a genre and needed a fresh change and perhaps a few (or ten) re-reads of my favourite paranormal romances and/or sentimental reads. Since starting a book blogging journey however, there seems to be a pressing need that I place on myself to keep up with my planned reading schedule and book reviews. It no longer began to feel fun and instead had a distinct chore-like feeling. It wasn’t about what I wanted to read but rather about how many books I felt I had to read…and just couldn’t.

That is, until I was reminded of why I love reading in the first place from this week’s Top Ten Tuesday prompt. There’s no shame in DNFing a book or just saying: NO MORE. If you’re getting distracted and need a break, my advice to myself and to others is simply to take one. What’s the point in ‘pushing through’ if you’re not getting the most out of the experience and enjoying it?

We’ve all had phases of change in our reading lives but aren’t always aware of them until prompted to really think about it. From fantasy to romance kicks, our Top Ten Tuesday covered the most common reading phases that Nen and I go through. What we discovered along the way were our Reading Slump Tricks to help get rid of the woes and start enjoying books again. If you don’t think you need a reading break but instead just need a change, have a look at our suggestions below:

We all have those books that come to mind from when we were younger. The ones we come back to every few years purely for the sentimental satisfaction they inspire. Nen’s favourite is Harry Potter while mine is also a fantasy: City of Bones. The Shadow-hunters were my first foray in to YA fantasy and will always be an emotionally satisfying read. Also, Pride and Prejudice was my first romance story – it’s a classic and will forever have a place in my heart.

If you don’t know by now…. my favourite genre is slow-burn romance, YA fantasy romance and paranormal romance. In simpler terms: ROMANCE. What’s not to love about an interesting story line interspersed with fluffy goodness? It makes my heart melt and my emotions soar with joy. I’ll forever be grateful to the authors that have inspired me to never settle for anything less than a sickly-sweet HEA.

My favourite re-reads are simply long phases of time in which I dedicate my every waking minute to consuming incredibly long paranormal romance series. I’ve mentioned it half a million times before but the endlessly (and gloriously long) series by J R Ward, Kresley Cole and Nalini Singh are my go-to happy places. They’re fast paced, cliched, troped to the max and fun. We all need that indulgent genre to read, don’t we? This is mine!

Despite all of these tricks, what this past week has really taught me is that no matter how pressing keeping up with a blogging schedule may seem, the most important part of this journey is to enjoy reading and have fun. Otherwise, why are we here?

Forget keeping up with the ARC schedule and relax away the stress with a good old break. In the mean time there are so many other posts to be written and enjoyed: memes, tags, reviews on book’s you’ve read in the past and so much more. At the end of the day, our mental and personal wellbeing is the most important thing. Blogging for Nen and I is a hobby and we’re planning to treat it as such. Hobbies, after all, are meant to be fun!

What are your tricks for avoiding or coming out of a reading slump? Do you view blogging as a hobby or something more?


24 thoughts on “Reading Slumps: the good, the bad and the steps to get your groove back!

    • Thank you Just Me (would you prefer I call you that, or something else?) 😀 Re-reading favourite books is a great advice for getting out of a slump. Even Re-reading fav authors is good too, even if you haven’t read that particular book before. Jen

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      • Yeah sure, you can call me Just Me… I’m keeping an anonymous blog that’s why. None of my friends or family know about it and it’s fun.

        Anyways, yes, you’re very right. Sometimes, as long as it’s your favorite author, it just seems that it would never go wrong. 🙂

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      • That’s fine! I just wasn’t sure and wanted to get it right 😀 An anonymous blog sounds mysterious and fun! I mean… normal blogging is fun but yours has an extra layer of intrigue!! Jen

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  1. Great advice!!! Slumps suck and sometimes we just need to go back to the beginning and jump start our brains with reminders on why we love reading ❤ I haven't had a good paranormal binge in forever, but I can attest to the amazingness of them. (They are also great at getting caught up on a goodreads challenges) During my best ever binge I read 10 K.F. Breene books in 6 days. Its my personal record 😀 Haha

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  2. Fabulous post, Jen! 😍 I feel like since joining the book community with blogging and tweeting and ‘gramming, it’s been so easy to get caught up in the whole whirlwind and pressure of reading non-stop. It gets pretty damn draining for sure, so I loved what you wrote in this post! It’s a great reminder to take it easy and remember why we love reading. It’s defo not for the pressure we put on ourselves! Sorry to hear you’re going through a reading slump though. Hope it’s getting or gotten better? 💙

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    • Thanks Dini! ❤ It took me a while to come to terms with the fact that the expectations I put on myself for reading were high. It was strange as I usually read a book a day for fun (before blogging) but now I've had to slow down a bit due to blogging taking up a bit of time I used to have for reading. It's a weird compromise but I'm happy with it now that my expectations are adjusted 🙂 The slump is gone now (as of today!) because I've started a romance kick. It's all sweetness and HEA – perfectly timed for Christmas romance reads ❤ Jen


  3. I love this post ! That’s some really good advice, emphasizing the importance of actually enjoying your hobby ! Hope your doing better with your reading slump ❤


  4. LOVE this post!!!! I just don’t let myself get concerned by reading slumps any more. They used to bother me but now I’m like eh. Even with my blogging schedule of posting at least one book review a day (but I do have A LOT of old book reviews that I’m transferring from GR to my blog so that probably helps.) But if I don’t feel like reading I simply don’t read. I’ll binge watch telly or go on a deep dive of a musician’s back catalogue and I always find that I will naturally return to reading in a few days. :))))

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    • That’s such a great idea to use old book reviews. I have no idea why but I thought it was kind of like… cheating and avoided doing it, but it’s really not. An opinion on a book is still valid even months and years later. Thank you for that advice! 😀 I was binge watching a lot of TV last week with the slump but now I’m in a romance phase which is beautiful and so timely for Christmas ❤ Jen

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      • Oh lol if it’s cheating then the bulk of my blog is made up of cheat reviews 😂😂😂 I just like the idea of having all of my bookish thoughts together in one place so that’s why I’ve been slowly but surely transferring reviews over. :)))

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      • I don’t really think it’s cheating… I just had a weird feeling about putting them up. I think I was just being weird 😛 It’s perfectly logical to put them up and share everything in one place. In fact, it’s an idea I think I’m going to try and do. It would certainly take the pressure off to read books and have recent reads be the only source for reviews. It’s a really great idea. Thanks Emer! 😀 Jen

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  5. LOVE this!! AWesome post, very helpful and inspirational!! I love how you deal with reading slumps, I didn’t even realise that I do some of these to get back into reading!! (LOVE the HP, Cassandra Clare, P+P choices! mine are the same!) DNF’ing is something I would never do until I started blogging either, totally worth it though if it really isn’t doing anything for you!
    Wonderful post !! Really helps with drawing back on why we do this and why we read! For the enjoyment!!


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