Timothy Mean and the Time Machine by William Ford – MG ARC Review

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

This was such a fun and whimsical read! I’ve been wanting to try MG for a while now and as my first foray in to the genre, this book did not disappoint. Ford’s lyrical narrative features adventure, time travel and historical events that captured my attention and had me wishing I could time travel too! What really made this an exceptional read were the graphics. They would fit right in with a Pixar movie and quite frankly, I would adore watching this!


  • This story was so adorable! It was full of the curious wonder associated with childhood and brought me back to a simpler time when learning was the purpose of our day.
  • The imagination of Timothy was endearing. His excitement at historical marvels and events was captivating and I found myself eager to see where he would travel to next.
  • The really enjoyed reading the couplet rhyming in this story. It’s exactly what I remember reading about these books when I was younger.
  • I absolutely adored the graphics in this story! They really painted a beautiful picture of the time period Timothy had travelled to. The bold colours completely captured my attention and at times I had to remind myself to read the story first before just staring at them!


The writing in this story was occasionally hard to read with the bold colours in the background. I think the story would have had more balance had there been a blank page with black writing on it. It would be simple, easier to follow (especially for the targeted age group) and would create a better balance of white space to the corresponding image.

Arc provided by author in exchange for an honest review.


// do you enjoy MG sci-fi fantasy stories? have you read this story? //


7 thoughts on “Timothy Mean and the Time Machine by William Ford – MG ARC Review

  1. ohhhhh my god this looks absolutely adorable tbh. i do agree with the cons sometimes it’s so hard to read with so much going on the bg!! great review i’ll have to check this one out.

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    • It’s super adorable! I honestly really enjoyed it. The author messaged on Twitter so I think he’s looking for reviewers for it. It would be great for a Juliet’s corner if she’s keen on time travel 😀


  2. That looks adorable! And yes I totally agree with you about the aesthetics of it. If it’s hard on the eyes to read the text, they should try to fix that before it comes out – if possible. I had a hard time reading just what you showed me on the screen, but then again I’m old and my eyes are the worst! Great review ❤

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  3. I just started reading more MG again (by more I mean so far 2 books this year lol). I think MG is having a resurgence lately, some really great MG has been coming out in the last year or two.


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