The Earl’s Christmas Pearl by Megan Frampton – ARC Review

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☆ ☆ ☆ 1/2

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this book but I was pleasantly surprised! It was quirky, had an adorable meet-cute and the perfect amount of scandal for a historical romance novella. I requested this ARC mainly because of the historical setting and Christmas element… It’s my favourite holiday of the year and I CANNOT WAIT to get my hands on more romances like this. They add a certain extra cheer to the build up of my fav festive season! Yes… I’m the person who starts decorating in October!

The Earl’s Christmas Pearl was an endearingly sweet story of an awkward, grumpy man and a free-spirited young woman in search of independence from the constraints placed upon her life. The scandal was positively salacious and kept my full attention! This was quite a steamy read but nothing that overtook the whole novel. It was a slow-burn with witty banter and the inclusion of some hilarious puns. I’ll definitely give this a re-read sometime!


A duke’s daughter. An irrestible earl. And an energetic Corgi named Mr. Shorty. What more could you want in a Christmas novella by Megan Frampton?

It’s Christmastime in London, and Lady Pearl Howlett is eagerly ready for the festivities—until her family goes off to their country estate…accidentally leaving her home alone! But she’s not dismayed. Rather, she’s thrilled to do exactly what she wants. Unfortunately, this daughter of a duke doesn’t know how to do anything.

The Earl of Llanover has come to London to take refuge in his godmother’s townhouse, free to be as awkward and grumpy as he wants. With his pet Corgi, Mr. Shorty, for company, Owen Dwyfor is ready for a quiet holiday away from his mother and sisters who would have him married off. That is, until his godmother’s neighbor, Lady Pearl Howlett comes barging in to his solitude.

After some reluctance, the two come together for a joyous—and steamy—Christmas they won’t forget.


Lady Pearl Howlett – Pearl’s enthusiasm for life and trying to accomplish tasks on her own was endearing. I couldn’t help but support her attempt to live on her own without maids or assistance. She’d been sheltered her whole life and the stifling nature of it tore at my heart. This story made me appreciate how much freedom I have in my life, especially when Pearl’s greatest excitement was being able to learn how to cook her own eggs. At the age of twenty! I’m not a good cook ( AT ALL ) but I’ve finally found someone who shares my same enthusiasm and lack of skill. I’m so glad she ended up with a man that was respective of her wish to be self-sufficient and willing to help her achieve it.

Earl of Llanover – Owen was a breath of fresh air from the usual scandalous rakes that fill these books. He was awkward, shy and grump as all get-out. His injury was not seen as a weakness nor was it ignored in this story. Owen’s character was embraced for all of his imperfections and he was no less masculine or capable for it. I loved how Frampton was not shy to include a stubbornly grumpy hero that wasn’t above letting Pearl gain independence and control. He completely stole my heart and made this book go from average to so so charmingly sweet!

Overall this was a VERY CUTE and FUN read. What held my rating back was the fact that the setting was not as well done as it could have been, nor did the story include some elements at the end that I had been waiting the whole book for. The characters, their budding love and witty banter were all there though! If this had been a full length novel with some added depth including better writing of the setting as well as additional characters it would be a 5-star. As these elements can’t always be realistically added in to a novella of this length it was understandable and still enjoyable!

//have you a fan of historical romance or Christmas romances? which are your favs? //


5 thoughts on “The Earl’s Christmas Pearl by Megan Frampton – ARC Review

  1. Even though I’m not here for steamy scenes this one sounds really good and I love that it’s set around Christmas! Great review. 😀


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