Top 5 Saturday: Over 500 Pages

Hi all!

Welcome to another Top 5 Saturday Reads meme. It was created by the lovely Mandy over at Devouring Books as a way to share books that we would love to read. Since my TBR is a bottomless pit, I didn’t have any issue trying to think of 5 books… but it was hard to pick ONLY FIVE books. There are just so many I want to read! If only I had the time…

This week’s topic is: Over 500 Pages. I love long books, provided their action is paced well, and can’t wait to share with you some of the ones I’m mostly looking forward to!

Here they are:

I’m currently on a fantasy/SF kick (usually I’m romance all the way) so these three books are near the top of my TBR. I managed to snag them all in a recent library haul so that was some good luck!

I’ve been wanting to try Armentrout’s fantasy books for a few years now. I really enjoyed her romance books Wait For You and Frigid, so I’m hoping Storm and Fury matches up to my enjoyment of her previous writing.

I’ve been a fan of Kristin Cashore for a VERY LONG time and Graceling is one of my all-time favourite books EVER. I never got around to reading Bitterblue but after reading about her beginning I’m so excited to see where she ends up!

If you don’t know how much I loved Illuminae then you should read my post here that basically states why I think it’s 5-star material. I’m VERY EXCITED to continue on with the Illuminae Files journey as a recently converted Kristoff and Kaufman fan!

As a part of my fantasy kick, The Priory of the Orange Tree caught my attention when it made waves with (most often) positive reviews. I’m keen to give it a try but have been a bit apprehensive up until now because at 848 pages this thing is a FRIGGING TOMB. But I mean… that cover though. It’s STUNNING. There’s no way I’m gonna miss out on that!

Lastly, I’ve chosen The Poppy War. This is a book that I’ve considered reading a few times now. I was leaning towards the ‘give it a miss’ pile as I’ve heard it has some quite dark tones. That is, until I read a review by Idil from A Bookworm’s Chapters. Honestly, it’s one of the most detailed and well-written reviews I’ve ever read. You should seriously check it out. Even if you have already read this book. I’m sure you’d learn something anyway as Idil goes in to the historical influences behind the story and what it’s message really suggests.

// have you read any of the books on my list? what were your thoughts on them? //


18 thoughts on “Top 5 Saturday: Over 500 Pages

  1. Ahaha yeah, reading Priory now and it really is a heckuva tome 😫 It took a while for me to really get into it too. About 20% in now and it’s finally starting to pick up for me but there are SO MANY CHARACTERS 🙃 I’ve got Storm and Fury on my shelf too but I totally didn’t realize it was over 500 pages long!? Haha great list though, Jen!

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      • Haha well, maybe it’s just me? I don’t know. Everyone in the group was commenting how the storylines and the many many characters were confusing at the start, but we’ve got them all sorted now 😅 It’s definitely picking up!

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    • Thanks Emer! 💙 I’m so keen to try Priory when I have a week free and an extra boost in motivation 😂 I love getting immersed in a good book though, especially when they’re long! It’s like you get a bonus book in the length – but one get one free 😂

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    • I need to get around to Gemina soon! I’m hoping to start on it next week 😊 I managed to grab a copy of Bitterblue so I’m keen to try that too! I hope you enjoy it when get around to reading it 💙 Jen

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