Nimona by Noelle Stevenson – Graphic Novel Review

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☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ FIVE STARS

Can you just see from the novel’s cover that this was SUCH A FUN RIDE?? It was charming, hilarious and packed-full of emotions in such a surprisingly long graphic novel. I was enchanted from the very first page by Nimona’s spunky, fierce and villainous attitude. When you add in gorgeous graphics, morally conflicted characters and a host of evil ‘good guys’… this story was just the break I needed from the YA I’ve been currently reading.

My favourite part of Nimona was the side characters, as even thought I LOVED NIMONA what really caught my attention was the hint of more between archenemies Sir Goldenloin and Lord Ballister… they were just SO FREAKING ADORABLE with their misguided hatred for one another that really stemmed from deeper, less dark emotions. The hint of their friendship (or MORE, PLEASE BE MORE) was enough to seal the deal. This is a novel I’ll be re-reading again and again.


NIMONA – Was such a spunky, fierce and hilarious gal. I loved her rebellious nature and the fact that she came across as a teenager – albeit an EVIL teenager. It felt like Blackheart was her adopted father in some way and this lent the story some softer undertones to contend with its darker elements. At heart and despite her nature, Nimona was a loyal soul and this really gained my approval as a reader. I don’t enjoy reading about evil characters with no substance whatsoever. Some internal conflict and personal standards is more realistic and makes for a better read, in my opinion.

LORD BALLISTER BLACKHEART – Was my ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE character out of the bunch. His paternal instincts toward Nimona, loyalty to his old friend and moral standards made him hard not to love. He was the perfect anti-hero and an absolute sweetheart underneath all of his vendetta-driven quasi-evil core.

SIR AMBROSIUS GOLDENLOIN – Was your classic hero. I didn’t mind him really but he didn’t have much of a character, or at least traits that caught my attention. I preferred Lord Blackheart and Nimona. What I really adored about him though was his relationship with Blackheart. I loved how their relationship wasn’t the focal point of the story but continued quietly in the background. It was so adorably heart-warming and wrenching at the same time.

This was my favourite (spoiler-free) page in the novel.

This graphic novel really packed a punch from the very first page. The art was colourful and yet beautifully simplistic. There weren’t too many distractions and it was very easy to follow. The dialogue was witty and very easy to read. I kept wanting to follow it and had to remind myself to pause quite often to appreciate the glorious artwork illustrating the story. The subversive nature of this story really played on well-established tropes as well as my predictions of them, which made some of its events quite unexpected.

This story took a darker turn in the end than I was expecting but it felt justified. A HEA would have required the ending to be rushed, and considering the deeper tones in this novel it wouldn’t have seemed believable.

// have you read Nimona? what were your thoughts on it? //


19 thoughts on “Nimona by Noelle Stevenson – Graphic Novel Review

    • Thanks Amanda! It’s honestly hilarious and so damn quirky. It made my day reading it 💙 I hope you enjoy it!! I’d love to read your review on it 😊 Jen


    • I’d heard of lot of good reviews too but had been putting it off for a few years 😂 I finally got around to it and it was worth it! Thanks for the comment 💙 Jen


  1. Haha, “I’m a SHARK”, I’m still laughing! 😂 I haven’t heard of this one before, but I’m gonna check it out, I love when there are great side characters and when the read it’s hilarious. Thanks for putting this under my radar!

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    • Honestly if you liked the page I included YOU’LL LOVE THIS. It’s witty, subversive and the side characters could have an amazing story of their own (I wish they would!!). I’m keen to see your review and really hope you like this!! Also I don’t think I’ve checked out your blog yet, so I’ll do that now! 💙 Jen


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