WWW Wednesday #4

Hello lovelies!

It’s time for WWW Wednesday! This meme was originally hosted by A Daily Rhythm but was revived by Sam from Taking on a World of WordsIt’s a place to talk about the books you’ve been reading, plan to read and have read. I don’t usually keep track of my reading, except for my Goodreads Challenge, but I’ve found this meme to be really helpful with keeping me on track.

To take part all you have to do is answer the following questions:

What are you currently reading?

What have you recently finished reading?

What are you going to read next?

Currently Reading

I’m absolutely ADORING graphic novels right now… they’re so fun and easy to read while still packing the same punch. It’s a wonder I didn’t get in to reading them sooner! Heartstopper is adorably sweet so far and I CANNOT WAIT for the ending. I’ve already requested Volume 2 at my library as I want to soak up as much of Nick and Charlie’s cute romance as I can…

I’m really enjoying Infamous and Nimona as well. I’ve been obsessed with the Chronicles of Nick lately and Infamous is the best one yet. While the previous ones have had a few issues here and there… this one hasn’t. The characters are so well developed and the pace is INTENSE. I’m lovin’ it!

Recently Finished

This was a VERY SLOW reading week for me. I’ve had a few things on and books sadly went to the way side. I really enjoyed these three though! The Poet X was captivating and heart-breaking. It’s unflinching honesty really caught my attention!

Talon and Invincible were really good reads, too. I had a few issues with them, which I’ll explain more in their reviews. Despite the issues, most of them were minor and I’m keen to see where their stories lead from here!

Reading Next

In light of this past week’s reading slump, I’m only selecting three book for this following week. My ARC of the week is A Lie for a Lie which I’m keen to try as Helena Hunting is an awesome author! I’ve heard so much about Everything, Everything and have been excited to try this book for a long time. Plus, the cover is GORGEOUS!

I picked up A Curse so Dark and Lonely a week or two ago but got quite bored and ended up putting it down. I think I’m in a better space to give it another try this week though, so hopefully my interest in it improves!

// have you read any of these books? what did you think of them? //


31 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday #4

  1. I’ve only read A Curse so Dark and Lonely and to be honest, I didn’t like it all that well. I know others rave about it but it just wasn’t for me.

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  2. I’m happy to see that you enjoyed talon! I really need to get to heartatopper as well, it sounds very cute!
    Enjy your reading!


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    • I’m hoping ACSDAL will pick up for me. I enjoy the disability rep but can’t seem to get very interested in it. I’m hoping it will pick up! 🙂 The cover is stunning though! Everything, Everything has been on my TBR for a while but since I know the spoiler I’m not sure how much I’ll enjoy it. I enjoy reading teenage drama though 😛 I do actually read by cover colour! I only realised it recently (I hadn’t known I’d been doing it for YEARS). It’s not intentional but does make the sections on WWW look nice 😛


  3. I keep eyeing Heartstopper – I will read it at some point I’m sure. I enjoy graphic novels when I read them, but I just don’t reach for them that often.That one definitely sounds wonderful though, as does Nimona.

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    • This is the first time I’ve really gone out of my way to read graphic novels and I have to say I’m so pleasantly surprised by them! 🙂 Heartstopper was very sweet and I’ve just finished Nimona now. They were both so good in their own ways. I hope you enjoy them if/when you get around to reading them 🙂 Jen

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  4. I really wanna read Heartstopper! I actually caved and bought the book today so it should arrive in the next couple of weeks and I’m so excited 😃 Also, really keen to see what you think of A Lie for a Lie. I haven’t read any Helena Hunting yet, but I do have one of her books on my shelf! Happy reading, Jen 🙂

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    • Ooh you caved and bought it?! I’m so happy!! Honestly I really hope you enjoy it as much as I did 🙏✨ I’ve just started a Lie for a Lie and it’s going well so far 😄 my review should be up sometime this week. Which book of hers do you have? Thanks for checking out my post! 💙 Jen


    • Oh yes! I completely agree about Harper and Grey. Honestly it was well
      Written and quite well paced and I think if it had been Grey and Harper I’d be singing it’s praises. I just REALLY don’t like Rhen 😂😅


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