You Can Have Manhattan – a marriage of passion, humour and convenience

Arc provided by Publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. Buy it on: AMAZON
☆ ☆ ☆ 1/2

All I really need to say about this book: TROPES. You Can Have Manhattan has a combo of my all-time fav tropes which are: marriage of convenience, enemies to lovers and COWBOYS. This honestly had me SOLD on signing up for an ARC before I’d even read any previous reviews on it. All of my favourite tropes in one book? It was pretty much a no -brainer.

While I was expecting a delightful combo of grumpy cowboys and a swift trip to the alter, I didn’t go in to this book with high expectations in regards to writing quality and character development. This story surprised me though! In a good way. It had a great combination of strong-willed MCs and loveable side characters that I can’t wait to read more about – at least I HOPE they get their own stories!


SYDNEY – What a gem of a woman. She was strong, intelligent and fiercely loyal. My kind of character. I love reading about someone confident in their capabilities and willing to go the extra mile for those they care about. Sydney was all of this and a little bit more. She had hidden depths of vulnerability that pulled on my heart strings. After an abusive childhood she really deserved to get her HEA!

SCOTT – Unfortunately got on my nerves. He had so many moments of joyous goodness that I was tempted to scream at him when he treated Sidneys so awfully. I know that it’s an enemies to lovers and SOMEONE has to be the bigger ass… but Scott went just a TEENSY BIT OVERBOARD in taking his anger out on Sidney. It felt drawn out and honestly took away from my enjoyment in this book. When he finally decided to be a good guy though I LOVED HIM. If he’d been like that throughout I’d have given this book a higher rating.

While I loved the pace and dialogue in this book (some of it was so witty and well written that I could imagine it as an epic rom-com…) I did have a few issues with originality in the story line. I’ve seen some authors write these tropes in a way that was completely original and stole my heart – such as in Her Cowboy King – but unfortunately this author didn’t sell me on that. Despite this, it’s still a great summer day read that will leave you feeling happy and glad you picked it up.

// what are your thoughts on the enemies to lovers trope? yay or nay? //


4 thoughts on “You Can Have Manhattan – a marriage of passion, humour and convenience

    • Thanks Kitty Marie 😄 characters really make the book for me so I like to share my thoughts on them. This is a solid enemies to lovers book, so you’ll most likely enjoy that aspect of it at least! ❤️

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