Top Ten Tuesday: Books I’m (sadly) avoiding!

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and The Bookish in 2010 and was moved to Artsy Reader Girl in 2018. It was born of a love of lists, a love of books, and a desire to bring bookish friends together. Each week a new topic is chosen, this week’s is: On My TBR I’m Avoiding Reading and Why.

So… I’ve been actively avoiding reading some of my most anticipated books because I’m so excited for them. Does that make sense? Let me put it to you this way… don’t you wish you could read your favourite books for the first time again? Can you remember what it was like to first experience Harry Potter? The books I’m currently avoiding are from auto-buy authors and are almost guaranteed to win my heart over in a 5-Star swoop… if I actually got around to READING them.

Here they are:


If I had to choose two authors in contemporary romance that get me right in the FEELS every single time… it would be these two! As auto-buy authors I know that whatever K.A. Tucker and Mariana Zapata deliver is going to be 5-Stars (or pretty damn close). This isn’t bias… it’s experience. Their writing styles and ability to create slow-burn romances full of strong women, brooding yet vulnerable men and a cast of adorable side characters gets me every time.


If you haven’t figured it out yet that I’m a complete sap (it’s pretty hard to miss) then my reason for avoiding these books should convince you. I’ve read so many good reviews on A Shape of Water and House of Salt and Sorrows yet I’ve avoided them for one reason: apparently they’re quite emotional. As an overly sappy person, if there’s sadness/or overt happiness in a book then I’m a goner. Cue the tears and stock up on the tissues. One day I’ll have the grit to read these books – hopefully!

On the other hand is Thunderhead. The quite confronting (I’m a wimp haha) themes in Scythe took me a while to get over. The thought of reading the next one, while I’m positive it will be amazing, is a little bit daunting. I honestly can’t wait until I get up the nerve though! I’m eager to see where the story leads…


Why am I avoiding these books? Easy… I may have a (teensy) habit of setting high expectations for sequels in a series. I’d be very surprised if you weren’t familiar with at least one of these series and can appreciate their quality. When you’ve adored a series only to be met with a terrible sequel (or ending!) you tend to become cautious. It’s not always easy to jump straight in to see if your expectations are met in books you’ve been highly anticipating!


Re-iteration: I’m a full on sap and heavy emotions can stay with me for a LONG time. While these books have both been highly regarded in the reading community, the prospect of an emotional roller-coaster ride just doesn’t match my mood right now. I’m not much of a mood reader but these books trigger my SAP CENTRE. I know just from reading their premises (and reviews) that they’ll give me all of THE FEELS and INDIGNATION on their behalf.

// are you avoiding any of the books on my list? or any other books for the same reasons? //


42 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Books I’m (sadly) avoiding!

  1. I didn’t join Top Ten Tuesday this week but I have a kinda similar post like this with a title: Books I’m too scared to read (and they’re not even horror books) and I think it was also for Top Ten Tuesday. My reasons were the same as yours. I wrote that post months ago and to be honest I still haven’t read all the books in that list. 🙂

    Also The Hate U Give is one of the books there. hehe.

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  2. THUS is SUPER good … I’m a VERY emotional person, so I will say that the feels are … a lot. BUT it’s SO worth it. I held off for a year before I finally read it and I wish i had picked it up sooner. Internment is one I also want to read … but I need a break from super emotional books ha-ha.

    I’m also nervous The Girl the Sea Gave Back won’t meet the hype … especially since I loved Sky in the Deep … but I still plan to read it ha-ha.

    Awesome post!

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    • Thank you Jenna! 🙂 THUG does seem really emotional. Hopefully I get to it sometime before the end of the year! TGTSGB looks so good. I’ve read some really mixed reviews on it so fingers crossed we enjoy it 😀 I’ll keep an eye out for your review of it!

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  3. Loving this list Jen, and all your reasons for avoiding these books are so very relatable! Queen of Air and Darkness made it onto my list this week too coz I’m sad the series will end but then also, will I love it?! Also totes the same for me for the first two books on your list. I’m so keen to check them out but also… The feels! Lol 😂

    My TTT post

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    • Thanks Dini! I can’t believe the Dark Artifices series is ending so soon too! I also hope I love the ending (although I’ve read some really good reviews on it so far). I hope you enjoy Say You Still Love Me and The Best Thing too! ❤ Thanks for linking in your TTT, I'll check it out 🙂

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    • I know the feeling! It seems like such a good book but just so emotional. Stories with this theme always have me caught up in them for months afterwards. I hope you enjoy it if/when you get around to reading it. Also – don’t think of it as a sad thing. You’re essentially saving a good book for future day 😀

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  4. Great list! I have The Best Thing on my kindle right now and will get to it soon! The Girl the Sea Gave Back I wished I loved as much as Sky in the Deep. And I love House of Salt and Sorrows so much, it did scare me at times but I am a wimp. Lol

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    • I hope we enjoy The Best Thing 😀 I look forward to your review of it since I haven’t read any for it yet. HOSAS is scary?! I’m a wimp too haha… so that might delay me reading it a little bit more 😛 Glad you enjoyed it though!


  5. Ohh, I also avoid The Hate U Give because of unknown reasons, I know I’ll probably like it and I hate myself for not reading it, and I havd to get into it because I also want to watch the movie.
    House of Salt and Sorrow was amazing in my opinion, and I really want to read Say You Still Love Me.

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    • There’s a movie?! How did I not know this. I should probably read it before the movie too. Thanks for letting me know about that 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed HOSAS… I’ll try and get to it this month or the next along with Say You Still Love Me haha. My TBR list is just growing longer lately 😛

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    • I also hope it lives up to the hype! Haha… there’s always a list of books to get through first right? I have a problem with this as well 😛 I can’t wait to read your review on it though when you get around to reading it 😀

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  6. I can relate so strongly to avoiding great-sounding and much-awaited books for that same reasoning lol. It’s like “I know I’ll love this, lets save it.” haha. Also agreed on Internment, I know it’ll be a heavy and very thoughtful read that deserves a serious mood. Interesting choices and very different reasonings for each type.

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    • Thanks Kitty Marie! 🙂 I definitely do the ‘love it…let’s save it’ thing too. I’m also more of a mood reader than I thought I was. A book with such a deep theme really needs the right head space and attention to fully appreciate it ❤ Thanks for commenting!

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  7. […] series. This is one that I have been putting off for years and that very nearly made it on to my Top Ten Books I’m Avoiding List except for the fact that I was FINALLY reading it while making the list, ironically. As a hardcore […]


  8. I have the same problem sometimes and not just with books! The more I’m looking forward to a book or movie the more I put it off especially if its the end of a series I’ve enjoyed!

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    • I’m glad that I’m not the only one who does this 😛 It’s still worth it to re-read them and enjoy them when you finally get around to it. Why wouldn’t we want to postpone to joy of not knowing the ending of a series a little bit longer?? ❤


  9. Omg I love how you’ve organised this TTT hahaha and YES I used to be terrible at picking up sequels of books I loved bc I was scared it wouldn’t live up to the hype 😛 And ‘not being in the right mood’ was the exact reason I avoided THUG for years but then I just bit the bullet & did it (even though I was extremely stressed at the time & definitely not in what I thought was the ‘right mood’) & still ended up loving it!!

    💛 Ngoc

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    • Thanks Ngoc! 💙 I’m glad I’m not the only one who takes ages to finish a series 😂 I think you’ve got the right approach to THUG… there’s probably never a perfect time or mood for a heavy book. It definitely sounds worth the try even if I’m in a bad mood! I’m glad you enjoyed it 😁

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