Her Cowboy King – a delightfully captivating, unconventional trope-filled romance

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☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ FIVE STARS

This book was a captivating read that stealthily stole hours of my life without me even noticing! It was that good. My heart is already begging Ash for the next book! How am I supposed to wait in eager suspense for Kris’ story without going mad from want?

As a reviewer I tend to be cautious about giving glowing reviews as I like to save them for books I utterly enjoyed. It’s safe to say that Her Cowboy King was definitely one of them. It will be a re-read in the future, probably multiple times, because who can resist an utterly charming and handsomely rough-hewn man like Markus Jaroka?

 This came as a surprise to me as I was initially sceptical about the notion of cowboys becoming royalty. I was expecting an unrealistic story that felt far-fetched (even if it was charming) but what I got instead was a whole lot better! The story’s events felt genuine and Ash’s character development had me whole-heartedly believing in the idea of a cowboy rising up to take his place as King. I was unexpectedly caught by surprise with this book in the most enchanting way.

 As a former cowboy, distant in line to a throne for a country he’s never seen, Markus’ life was filled with running a horse ranch in Montana surrounded by his twin brothers. He’s a triplet. Yes, you heard correctly. There are THREE OF THEM! I’m ecstatic with the notion that we will be seeing much more of these three handsome and rough royals.

“The palace is in uproar about the identical haired, blue-eyed princes who look servants in the eye while asking their names…add to that the saviours look like they’ve stepped out of a wild west film…you are exactly what Kiraly needs.”

With the sudden death of the Kiraly royal family Markus finds himself unexpectedly in place to become a king. Unprepared for the cultural and hierarchal difference, his foray in to royal life is met with many obstacles. While he attempts to not only uphold the kingdom, but do so in a way that shows thoughtful care for those of Kiraly, Markus meets Princess Ava of Kelehar and his already upturned life becomes even more complicated.

As a Princess of Kelehar, Ava has been born and bred to be the political broodmare for her kingdom. Seen as the epitome of elegance and an icon to her people, Ava must uphold her royal position and convince Markus that a marriage between their nations would be favourable to all. Despite pressure from her family and the economic sake of her nation, Ava finds herself longing for freedom and the normality of common life that is taken for granted by those who look up to her.

In a slow-burn enemies to lovers romance, the lives of King Markus and Princess Ava become intertwined in an endearingly sweet, and at times painful, romantic story. I found myself constantly wishing for a happily ever after, despite the numerous obstacles in their way.

“Markus deserved a woman as honest and considerate as himself. Not only was Ava selfish and unkind, but she concealed a truth so significant, every word she spoke that didn’t confess it was a kind of lie”

One of my favourite aspects of this book were the side characters, including the Princes of Kiraly as well as Prince Cyrus of Kelehar. Ash expertly built a story in which the reader is not only longing for the romantic success of the main characters but is also invested in the lives of those that surround them. I’m eagerly awaiting the next stories and am excited to see where the series may lead. Hopefully it’s not a long wait!

Want to find out more about Madeline Ash? She’s our Author of September!

// have you read any of Madeline Ash’s books? what is your favourite trope combo? //


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