Aurora Rising – misfits, space and a whole lot of drama

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☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ FOUR STARS

I have to admit, the cover of this book is what initially drew my attention. If you don’t know by now (… you should haha) that I’m a MASSIVE cover judge and something as stunning as this cover was bound to catch my attention and end up on my TBR. That said, this book more than made up for my initially biased reason for reading it. What I ended up with was a decently paced, StarWars-esque story that featured misfits, imperfect characters and a plight to save the universe from those who wish to destroy/control it.

Although the similarities annoyed me at first, they became less detrimental to my enjoyment of the book when I finally started connecting with the characters. Their unconventional nature, diversity and quick wit soon drew me in and I was hooked! Plus, I’m sure there are only so many ways in which you can write a space drama and have it seem plausibly real, without having similarities to other well-known sci-fi stories. While the title and main character of this book seemed to be Aurora, I found myself preferring other characters in the story and frankly, that’s what kept me reading.

While there was definitely some drama (a whole bucket-load of drama) this story still managed to surprise me at almost every turn. The ending overall was predictable (I mean… you’re going to keep trying to save everyone right?) but the journey to get there had some very surprising turns that kept me pleasantly surprised.

What really sold this book for me though, and I believe it will be the same with others, is the combination of rag-tag characters full of hierarchal disillusionment, blind loyalty, humour, cynicism and unrequited love. It’s a match made in sci-fi heaven and enough to keep me interested in reading the next book.

I’ll be honest, if the characters weren’t so damn likeable in this book, I probably wouldn’t be giving it the rating that I am. I also probably wouldn’t be eager to read the sequel. This was my first book by this duo and while I enjoyed the writing due to it’s ease of reading, I normally like a little bit more complexity in my world-building and descriptive phrases. I did however, really enjoy the alternative narration. That’s just me being picky though!

The Characters

Aurora Jie-Lin O’Malley – Mimicked ‘The Girl Out of Time’ in the book, Aurora’s once peaceful life had suddenly been thrust in to chaos of which she was certainly out of her depth. While I enjoyed reading about Aurora, she didn’t capture my attention like the other characters. Perhaps it’s because she was constantly shrouded in mystery.

Tyler Jones – The Alpha, leader and total GoldenBoy. Tyler was the intrinsic do-gooder of the group. He was your quintessential hero and perfect tactician. He was a really likeable character and I enjoyed the way he upheld such high resolve despite the danger they constantly seemed to be in.

Scarlett Jones – The Face, AKA a diplomat, she was quite the contradiction and I loved it. Loyal to the core, sarcastic as hell but capable of winning almost anyone over, she was fun to read and one of my favs!

Zila – The Brain, or your neighbourhood sociopath. She was a hard character to like – mainly because there wasn’t much to like. We barely got to know her and what little we did get to see was shrouded in a trigger-happy gal who barely spoke or interacted with others. There was the hint toward a darker past but nothing more than that. She was pretty much uninteresting.

Kal – The Tank – also known as the guy to bring the pain. He’s their combat guy with anger-management issues. He’s also kind of a defect from the enemy. I really enjoyed reading about him and his heritage/ cultural norms. My second fav character!

Fin – the Gearhead. Innovative and tech-savvy, he was their go-to guy for any glitches. I absolutely ADORED him. He was snarky, secretly vulnerable and just all round funny. I loved the way he lightened the heavier moments of the book. Plus, his family heritage was great to read about. Easily my fav character of the book!

Cat – the Ace and their resident pilot. She was a total tomboy, cynical and totally not crushing on GoldenBoy Tyler. While she seemed okay in the book, I mostly didn’t like her. The constant pessimism got on my nerves, to be honest.

So there you have it! The full cast. While this is a longer review than I normally write it didn’t feel right (nice pun… right??) summing up my thoughts on the book without including them. Quite frankly, they were the book for me and were pretty much the only reason I enjoyed it.

// what is your opinion on this book? do you enjoy reading books from this author duo? //


13 thoughts on “Aurora Rising – misfits, space and a whole lot of drama

  1. I’ve seen reviews where the blogger has complained that the characters are all just different tropes, rather than characters in their own rights … but I still think I’d enjoy it!

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    • I can agree with that assessment to a certain extent. The characters were certainly made to fit certain roles for entertainment value (of which I enjoyed reading!). If it had been truly original at least two of them would have been similar in nature 😛 It was still an enjoyable read despite this. If you go in to the book expecting cliche and just enjoy it for entertainment value rather than originality then it’s still a good read 😀 If these factors really annoy you… stay far away haha!

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    • I’m glad you want to read it too! I can’t wait to see your review. Also – I’ve noticed we enjoy quite similar books, so if you’d ever like to do a buddy read, please let me know 🙂


  2. I’m one of those people who got completely irked by the illuminae series because I found books 2 and 3 to be carbon copies (plot wise) of book 1. So I had sworn I wouldn’t read this…. BUT NOW I AM CURIOUS ARGHHHHH!!!! Great review :))))) and yes to judging books by their cover! I do that CONSTANTLY lol!!!! <333

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    • Oh no… they’re the same?! Darn! I’ll still give them a try but I’m not keen on that it sequels haha. I hope you enjoy it if you decide to try it 🙂 There’s a character for everyone to fall in love with in it. Fin was my ultimate fav ❤

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      • I have a supremely unpopular opinion in this regard but after reading book 1 I just found that the authors used the same style of plot devices, an almost identical format for creating tension etc… And so after loving book one I felt utterly dejected by book 2 🙈… And because it’s me I had to then read book 3 😂😂😂

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