Top Ten Tuesday: Books outside of my comfort zone

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and The Bookish in 2010 and was moved to Artsy Reader Girl in 2018. It was born of a love of lists, a love of books, and a desire to bring bookish friends together. Each week a new topic is chosen, this week’s is: Books I Enjoyed That Are Outside of My Comfort Zone (i.e., a genre you don’t typically read or subject matter you’re not usually drawn to).

As a self-proclaimed emotional sap, I naturally gravitate toward books that have happy or neutral endings. Seldom will I choose a book that is very dark or depressing in theme, as they can have an impact on my emotions for a long time after reading them. For this reason, there are a few genres that I generally tend to stay away from (crime, horror, thriller etc.). Listed below are books that broke the mould from what I usually read, yet adored anyway.

Let’s get started!


Me Before You – This book broke me emotionally. A poignant story of enemies to lovers and the ultimate loss, this is a story that has stuck with me for years. I wasn’t even able to watch the film without sobbing like a baby!

Mooncakes – As my first graphic novel, Mooncakes was one of the best ones I could have started with – in my uneducated opinion. Delightfully cute graphics, characters I adored and an abundance of diverse rep, this was a novel I was glad I decided to try!

Incognito – As a neuroscience nerd and major, reading popular science books on the brain is about as far from fun as I can think of. I end up getting frustrated at the level of layman’s terms that morph in to being almost scientifically incorrect. Yes, it’s snobbish of me but I can’t help it. This book was surprisingly good though. I received it as a gift and began to read it out of obligation but soon became hooked!

You can buy Me Before You here, Mooncakes here and Incognito here.


Aurora Rising – While I adore fantasy and paranormal romance, I don’t often venture in to the Sci-Fi genre and have only been dipping my toes in recently. I adored this book with its similarities to Star Wars (the movies were my childhood). I honestly don’t know why I hadn’t decided to read this genre earlier!

The Alchemist – Classics and I have a hate-hate relationship. They’re usually too long, slow and brutally descriptive. The Alchemist is the only one (besides for Pride and Prejudice) that has caught my attention in a good way. Maybe it’s also because it’s so delightfully short.

Big Little Lies – I met Liane Moriarty accidentally once, at my University, and wasn’t aware of who she was! The loss is completely my fault. I adore her books! She’s one of the only authors that write general fiction that I actually enjoy reading. I still haven’t gotten around to the TV show though – I still arrogantly think the book is better seen in my head than on the screen.

The Art of Taxidermy – As my first verse novel I wasn’t sure what to expect. The way in which Kernot was able to portray so much while saying so little still leaves me a bit in awe. This is a macabre, poignant coming-of-age story that will stay with me for years! Plus, I loved the Aussie references in it.

You can buy Aurora Rising here, The Alchemist here, Big Little Lies here and The Art of Taxidermy here.


Becoming – I couldn’t think of a better book to start my audiobook journey with than this one. I’m only half-way (it’s ONLY 19 hours long…) but I’m completely enthralled by Michelle Obama’s honest, compelling story. While this could be considered as a memoir, I have categorised this as an audiobook due to the fact that I can’t stand most audiobooks. Somehow hearing a memoir from their own voice doesn’t annoy me as much.

Confessions of an Expat in Paris – This book was one of the funniest and entertaining I’ve read all year. I won this as an ARC and wasn’t expecting much. Lesage blew me away though. She’s hilariously funny and completely relatable. I adored her memoir and think I will try a few more just to prolong my ‘expat experience’ by living vicariously through her.

The Happiness Project – It was the cover that caught my attention in this book. As well as the fact that I’d heard of their podcast. As a cover judger and podcast fanatic I had to give this a try, despite it being classed as a self help book. While I usually tend to avoid self-help books for their cliched wisdom (in my cynical opinion) this one was worth the chance!

You can buy Becoming here, Confessions of an Expat in Paris here and The Happiness Project here.

// have you read any of the books on my list? do you avoid the same genres as me? //


9 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Books outside of my comfort zone

  1. Me Before You shattered me. It stayed with me even after a month of reading it. It made me angry at first, then forced me to think and rethink about it and then made me understand it. It’s a marvel.

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    • It was the same for me! I don’t know if I’m mature enough to completely accept the ending still though. I finally came around to understanding it but it still shattered me for a long while.

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  2. Omg that edition of The Alchemist is gorgeous!? 😍 I read that book back in HS and I think it went completely over my head and I couldn’t understand what all the fuss was about. I think I might need to reread it at some point haha Me Before You absolutely destroyed my feelings, but in the best way 😂 Great list, Jen!

    My TTT post

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    • It is right?! I have to admit, I bought it for the cover and then realised what all of the fuss was about. It’s short but does pack quite a punch, so re-reading is probably a good idea if you’re interested in understanding it more 😛 Thank you! And thanks for linking to your post – I’ll check it out! 😀


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