Wicked Prince – a sweet, slow-burn reverse harem romance

Arc provided by Publisher via BookSprout in exchange for an honest review.
Release date: September 2, 2019. Pre-Order it on: AMAZON
☆ ☆ ☆ 1/2 STARS

As the second book in the Territorial Mates series, I went in to this with high expectations and a keen anticipation for a sweet, slow-burn reverse harem romance. I ADORED the first book in this series, Vengeful Prince (my review) and was excited to see where the series would lead in book two. Without sharing spoilers, the ending of Vengeful Prince left me hanging with a lot of questions still unanswered. I was expecting them to be answered in Wicked Prince. Unfortunately, not all of them were. Perhaps this was the author’s way of keeping me on my toes and anticipating the next book but I felt a bit let down with this. Not to mention my reaction to the ending. To say I was unhappy with it would be an understatement.

On a positive note, the author managed to develop the characters even further in this book and I found myself changing my opinions of them, which is something I seldom do. In Vengeful Prince my favourite character was Salem. He was strong, stoic and hopelessly shy around the love of his life, Lilya. The vulnerability in this absolutely killed me. I’m a sucker for the brooding alpha male with hidden vulnerability.

In Wicked Prince though, I found myself changing allegiance to Team Alexavier (yes, I call them teams – it’s my youthful Twilight fangirl coming out again). He was stronger in this book. Still loyal and responsible but we saw him develop past the blind loyalty that I had associated him with in the first novel. He wasn’t a push over – he was a true leader. His transformation in this book was my favourite part!

I also really enjoyed the side characters in Wicked Prince a lot more than I had in the first book. King Ronin was delightfully odd in his about-face from dictator to considerate leader. The tough, yet loving Grandma Fiora, who acted as Lilya’s mother, was also hard to resist. She was so sweet in a stern way that made me yearn to see my own Grandma soon. Her combination of fierce independence, sage advice and sharp wit completely won me over.

What annoyed me immensely as I was reading Wicked Prince though, was Lilya. She couldn’t seem to make up her mind! She had not one, but THREE handsome, loyal and incredibly kind men at her beck and call – all of whom would give their lives for her. What does she do about it? Complain. Well, not for the whole book but the secrets that she kept as well as her reluctance to trust the actions of others (despite insisting they trust her blindly when they’re fully aware she’s keeping secrets) was just too far of a hypocritical stretch for me to approve of.

Despite the few niggles I had with Wicked Prince, it was still an enjoyable read and a sound sequel to Vengeful Prince. The only reason I gave it 3.5 stars as opposed to 4 was my reaction to its ending and the questions still left unanswered. Most of my questions from the first book’s ending were answered though, and there was great character development. It was by no means a bad book. I just had high expectations that were sadly not met. I’m looking forward to the third book. I have to see how the ending is resolved!

// do you ever find yourself changing your mind about a favourite character in a series? //


9 thoughts on “Wicked Prince – a sweet, slow-burn reverse harem romance

  1. I see reverse harem, I see slow burn romance, I click. lol, but really this sounds like a book that had an effect even though it’s a mixed bag, curious about the series. I love changing my mind about characters, especially if disliking them and learning to like them later on- always a neat experience.

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    • That was my same reaction when I saw the ARC 😛 It’s quite an interesting read. The first book was better and this one felt kinda like an interim read but I’m excited to see how things get resolved in the third. I do too! Mine was a love to semi-dislike transition in this book – which is a new one for me. Thanks for commenting 🙂

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  2. Sequels are always tricky, particularly when they drag on love triangles just by making a character seem indecisive rather than for any reason. It sounds like all the surrounding characters made up for the protagonist’s inaction though! I will have to look into this!

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    • You’ve pretty much summed up what I couldn’t quite verbalise while reading this book. It felt drawn out for the sake of it – which was completely different to the first book. Hopefully the next is better 😀 It’s still a series worth checking out though if this is your type of book. Happy reading!


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