The Love Solution – a story of unrequited love and a chemical potion to fix it all.

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The Love Solution is the story of two sisters fighting the memory of unimaginable loss with the present day’s complexities of unrequited love. The first third of this story really captured my attention. It’s not often women in science are primarily featured in a book and I felt a kinship with Molly. Her career in biochemistry and pheromones brought back fond memories of my own time at uni studying biochemistry and neuroscience. The enthusiasm she had for her ‘Love Bug’ science project, the reason for the aptly chosen title, was endearing. I couldn’t help but support her attempts to gain the attention and affection of the man she secretly loved!

Despite my love of Molly, this book was hard for me to rate. There were a lot of things I liked and equally disliked about this that left my overall rating somewhere in the middle. I adored the science representation in the book, as well as the premise of two nerdy characters (Molly and Ewan) slowly falling in love. What brought this book down though, was Molly’s sister Sarah. Her story-line, which was half of the book, was very annoying to read. Her constant indecisiveness became frustrating half-way through the book. If this book had been solely about Molly and Ewan I would have rated it much higher. Regardless of this, it was still a sweet book that I think many readers would enjoy.


Molly – Easily my favourite character. She was kind, independent and career-driven. Her unrequited love for Ewan pulled at my heart-strings. While unrequited love is never easy, the constant mixed signals form Ewan really toyed with her emotions. She deserved someone willing to be proud of her on their arm, not neglecting their emotions due to the opinions of others. The unrequited affection in their personal lives played an interesting parallel to the nature of their research in to a chemical compound that would effectively create the illusion of love. The temptation of using it would be hard for some people to ignore, when in a similar predicament. In addition to this, Molly put a lot of effort in to being a good sister and helping Sarah out of her latest dramas. She definitely deserved a good HEA after all of that emotional turmoil.

Ewan – was a character I never fully understood. His actions were so hot and cold toward Molly and were quite confusing throughout the book. That poor woman! She didn’t know which way was up in their relationship (or lack thereof). Despite this, he was a genuinely nice and unexpectedly hilarious guy when he finally started opening up.

Sarah –  The most indecisive woman on earth. Her inability to make any decision for the entire second half of the book really took away my patience. I really felt for her in the beginning. She had been dealt an awful hand in life and had really gone above and beyond to look after her sister. Her compromising nature to put others before herself was moving to read about. I couldn’t help but want her to finally have everything she had missed out on. When presented with these opportunities though… she refused them. And then complained about it. It just… frustrated me. To say the least. In spite of this, I still have respect for all that she sacrificed in her life. Perhaps a life of constantly compromising would lend itself to a future of indecision and guilt at the idea of finally putting herself first.

Liam – The most patient man in the world. He really had to put up with a lot of hot and cold action from Sarah. In spite of Sarah’s hormonal tendencies, he was such a sweetheart. Maybe this was the reason I disliked Sarah so much. She had an absolute gem of a guy waiting around for her and she kept being obsessed with her cheating ex! He really deserved better, in my opinion.

Overall, this book had some highly enjoyable moments mixed in with a few lacklustre ones. The writing was done well and I particularly enjoyed the colloquial English terms used in this. It really painted a vivid image of the characters and their backgrounds. If you’re a reader that is sympathetic for indecisive, introspective characters then I think you’d really enjoy this book.

// what’s a character trait that instantly puts you off despite how good a book is? //


9 thoughts on “The Love Solution – a story of unrequited love and a chemical potion to fix it all.

  1. I love that you go into detail on the characters as characters are so, so important for books like these. Nerd romance sounds like a neat niche, this book resembles a lot that are high on my romance TBR like The Kiss Quotient and recently finished The Hating Game. Fantastic review! 😀 For me a character trait that puts me off is a snobbish main character, will not read unless there is some notice that they’ll change as the story develops.

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    • I agree! Characters can really make or break a book, so I like to write about my opinions of them. While I enjoyed this book, the Kiss Quotient and Hating Game are very good and are great examples of the nerd niche done really well 😀 No one likes a snob haha. I completely agree with you there! Thanks for commenting 🙂

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  2. I just got this one on NG and I was about to start reading it sometime this week. Sounds like Sarah’s character is going to annoy the heck out of me! Haha I mean, it’s fine if a character starts out a little wishy-washy, but if it continues throughout the story I have a feeling it’ll just annoy me too! 🙈 Let’s see how this one goes! Great review, Jen 🙂

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    • I hope you enjoy this book (and Sarah) more than me 😛 She really was quite indecisive the whole way through but I’m notorious for having zero patience for this, so perhaps it’ll be better for you. Thank you! I can’t wait to read your thoughts on it! 😃


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