His Billionaire Bride – Madeline Ash

Arc received from Tule Publishing via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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★ ★ ★ ★ ★ FIVE STARS

I feel like I need a break before I write this review. I’ve just finished reading and this book seared me. It slowly tore pieces and pieces of my heart away – gifted freely for only the promise of more. I absolutely adored this!

Seldom when reading a book do I feel the urge to stop and go back. To re-read the past page just because…especially because.The moments between Edwin and Carrie felt too real in some sense. I had to go back and linger on them. To fully appreciate the slow and agonising joy that is this book. That may not sound like it makes a whole lot of sense, but it does.

This story follows a highly successfully businesswoman, Carrie Morgan. Carrie’s inability to emotionally connect has created distance between her and everyone else – including the family who accept and love her for who she is. As a result, Carrie’s commitment to her work overrides everything else. The balance between her work and home life is non-existent. Despite this, Carrie secretly longs to have someone there to fill in the loneliness that’s created a crater of absence in her life.

“She was no longer just existing outside of her job. She was living. Talking, feeling, looking forward to him. She’d walked in to this expecting her fantasy to dissolve. Instead, she had come face to face with her perfect man.”

In comes Edwin Prince. Just the name alone should clue you in. He truly glows in personality and spirit. Edwin’s persuasion and fine art skills are put to the test when he convinces Carrie to sit for a portrait wearing a wedding dress. Carrie is the bride that’s never meant to be. What really drew me in to the story was Edwin’s endearingly paradoxical and irresistible personality. The utter charm, respect and abashed confidence of Edwin stole my heart completely.

“Hesitant on second, bold the next. There was no predicting him. He’d struggled to meet her gaze the day before. Blushed when taken by surprise – a reaction so endearing it hurt. But his agile confidence had him resuming control.”

The contrasting personalities between Carrie and Edwin were charming to witness. Amidst witty comments, sarcastic remarks and Edwin’s adoring blushes, this story painted the perfect picture of how opposites attract. Especially in age, wealth, sociability and confidence. Edwin and Carrie didn’t just attract one another, they also helped each other grow. They both became happier and more confident in themselves as a result of their relationship. That’s something I love to see in romances. Emotional growth as well as personal growth is addictive for me.

“You are my favourite, Carrie. Of anything and everything.”

 I wasn’t going in to this book expecting more than a well-written story and a satisfying happily ever after. What I received was so much more. This is by far my favourite book of 2019, and I doubt that it will be replaced in the time between now and New Year’s. It’s eclipsed the rest and I genuinely hope that other readers enjoy this as much as I have. It deserves it.


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