Confessions of an Expat in Paris Review – Vicki Lesage

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This book was like my freshman university soul speaking back to me. Who can resist thinking fondly back on drunken nights spent dancing on tables and making friends with strangers? Lesage’s latest book is a comedic and sentimental trip down memory lane of her adventures during an extended stay in Paris, as well as their relatability to your own adventurous alcohol-induced escapades.

“I hope you’ll laugh (at me or with me – I’m not picky), cry, and have a fab time taste-testing the mouth-watering libations.”

This book was laugh-out-loud funny, entertaining and charmingly endearing. Lesage’s honest self-deprecation and relatability made this book an absolute treat to read. No longer do you have to search for a book to commiserate and share your adventures with. Confessions of an Expat in Paris has something for every reader, despite being set in an exotic holiday location (for some – or home for the lucky others!).

“So come on over to my place! It’ll be a madhouse, I promise. But we’ll have some wine for you. As long as you don’t mind smudgy glasses and the unending chorus of the same kiddie song over and over again.”

This is the perfect summer read for those interested in exploring Paris through cocktails and embarrassing stories, while still relating to common-place issues such as a child’s obsession with the word ‘caca.’ From sharing stories of honeymoon café blunders, post-pregnancy weight loss and being unable to resist karaoke when Bonnie Tyler is playing – Lesage is relatable, funny and manages to find a dash of humour and silver lining for all of her Parisian tales.

“There’s a direct correlation between how loud I belt out “Total Eclipse of the Heart” into whatever microphone-shaped object I find at the bar and how crappy I’m going to feel the next morning.”

What hooked me in for this book was Lesage’s honesty in picking apart the awkward moments in life that we all experience and try to avoid thinking about again.

“I can’t stand it when strangers walk next to me on the sidewalk. Speed up, slow down, or marry me, but we’re not walking like this the whole way.”

I would recommend this to fans of chick-lit and humorous memoirs. I will definitely be reading the rest in her Confessions series!


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